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Waterfall & Forest Track Self-Driving Tour

Quick Details

Single Buggy Ages 16+
Double Buggy Driver: Ages 16+ • Passenger: Ages 3+
4-Seater Buggy Driver: Ages 18+ • 3 Passengers: Ages 3+
Adult Quad Ages 16+
Kid Quad Ages 12-15

Adventure level: SCENIC & ACTION

The 2-hour waterfall and forest track takes you on a ride as you’ve never known before! Venture over hills overlooking valleys carved by glaciers, along flowing streams and stony creeks, inside narrow windy trails surrounded by native ferns, and through boggy farmlands and mud puddles, leaving you with the satisfaction of having done something you will never forget!

Find the perfect balance of challenge and scenery as we take you exploring around delicately cut trails through undisturbed native rainforest that has been beautifully preserved to showcase some of the most incredible scenery unlike anywhere else in the world!

The West Coast of New Zealand is known for its high amount of rainfall, and here at On Yer Bike, our tracks have been specifically designed to tolerate some of the harshest conditions and exploit what most people take shelter from, turning it into something that produces exceeding amounts of excitement and fun!

Tour Details

  • Fully guided tour through approximately 14 km of track
  • Weather doesn’t hold us back; we go out in every kind of weather!
  • Helmets and boots included
  • We recommend bringing socks for your feet.
  • In extra wet weather, everything you need to keep the water on the outside and you dry on the inside is included (optional).
  • No experience or driver’s license necessary as our trained guides ensure you are given enough training to make sure you are safe and well equipped during your adventure.
  • On Yer Bike Adventures can’t be beaten when it comes to flexibility and providing you with an adventure that can cater for any level of experience — from ages 3 to 103, we’ve got you sorted!
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